TV Shows

Our company develops and produces our own TV shows throughout the world. Here are some successful shows directed and developed by our video director Ivanna Benesova.

Australian dream – Coober Pedy

Original name: Australsky sen, episode 24

Find love

Original name: Najdi lasku, episode 1


Original name: Jak nas vidi svet, episode 1


Original name: Chovatele, episode 3

Kiwi dream

Original name: Novozelandsky sen, eposide 18

Magic buildings

Original name: Magicke stavby, season 2, episode 6

The Stylist

Original name: Drsny Stylista

Czech Jackass

Original name: Silena Trojka

Give me your job

Orignal name: Chci tvuj job

Australian Dream

Original name: Australsky sen